Securing Digital Innovation

Virtual Roundtable for East Canada IT Leaders

DATE: September 28, 2021 | TIME: 2:00 p.m. EST

Why Today's Enterprises Require a Security Fabric

As organizations accelerate their digital innovation initiatives, ensuring their security can keep up with today’s complex and fast-evolving threat landscape is critical. What used to be known as the “network perimeter” is now splintered across the infrastructure due to the explosion of network edges, work from anywhere, and multi-cloud models.

It’s common for organizations to “bolt on” disparate security tools to protect a function or one segment of the network in isolation. However, this practice makes maintaining organization-wide visibility and consistent policy enforcement next to impossible. As attack sequences get more complex and innovative, organizations struggle to deliver the expected secure high-performing user-to-application connection.

Join your peers for an interactive virtual roundtable as we discuss:

  • Boosting endpoint security with real-time, automated incident response (EDR)
  • Role-based dynamic network access (NAC)
  • Detecting and responding to insider threats with user and entity behavior analytics (SIEM+UEBA)
  • Orchestration and automation of security operations to accelerate incident response – (SOAR)
  • Combining network and security functions with WAN capabilities to support the dynamic, secure internet access for a ‘work from anywhere’ workforce (SASE)

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Featured Panelists

Rob Strickland,
Former CIO,

Rob Strickland

Jim Richberg,
Public Sector Field CISO, Fortinet

About Fortinet Security Fabric

Organizations are rapidly adopting digital innovation (DI) initiatives to accelerate their businesses, reduce costs, improve efficiency, and provide better customer experiences. To accomplish DI outcomes while minimizing complexity and effectively managing risks, organizations need to adopt a cybersecurity platform that provides visibility across their environment and the means to easily manage both security and network operations.

The Fortinet Security Fabric solves these challenges with broad, integrated, and automated solutions that enable security-driven networking, zero-trust network access, dynamic cloud security, and artificial intelligence (AI)-driven security operations. Fortinet offerings are enhanced with an ecosystem of seamless integrated third-party products that minimize the gaps in enterprise security architectures while maximizing security return on investment (ROI).