Virtual Executive Briefing
(Western US)

The Delphix DataOps Platform combines enterprise-wide data delivery with data compliance to enable modern CI/CD workflows, accelerate the journey to the cloud, ensure compliance, transform customer experiences, and increase the adoption of disruptive AI technologies.

A recent IDC Research report shows that the Delphix DataOps Platform pays for itself, with $15 million in average cost savings—and increases application development productivity by 40%.

Join us for a conversation to discuss:

  • Legacy app modernization: Delphix works with a broad spectrum of systems—from mainframes to Oracle databases, ERP applications, and Kubernetes containers to accelerate release cycles and reduce costs and risk associated with application modernization projects.
  • Cloud adoption: Delphix helps companies synchronize compliant data from private to public clouds thereby enabling businesses to accelerate the journey to the cloud, improve customer experience, and adopt disruptive AI technologies.
  • Appdev transformation: Rapid and automated availability of secure test data is often the biggest bottleneck in waterfall to agile to CI/CD transformation. Delphix massively increases the availability of test data and enables companies to automate the delivery of secure data into CI/CD workflows.

About Delphix

Delphix is the industry leader in DataOps and provides an intelligent data platform that accelerates digital transformation for leading companies around the world. 

Delphix provides a comprehensive range of data operations and APIs to enable CI/CD workflows and automates data compliance for privacy regulations, including GDPR, CCPA, and the New York Privacy Act. 

In a world where every company is becoming a data company, Delphix provides a critical platform to enable data-driven transformation. For more information, visit 

Register for a Virtual Executive Briefing

With SINC being unable to host our local and regional events to support our IT community, we will be arranging individual Executive Briefings with Delphix. These 30-minute calls will allow us to share in the value of discussion and exchange impactful thought processes during current community restrictions and social distancing advisements.

Following the discussion with Delphix, SINC will provide you with your choice of either a voucher for a family meal at a local business impacted by the current restrictions, an Amazon gift card, or a donation to the charity of your choice.