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Virtual Executive Briefing

Join in a conversation with Deep Instinct to understand strategies for reinventing cybersecurity prevention with deep learning.

With SINC being unable to host our local and regional events to support our IT community, we will be arranging individual Executive Briefings with Deep Instinct. These 30-minute calls will allow us to share in the value of discussion and exchange impactful thought process during current community restrictions and social distancing advisements.

We are also aware that during this time, the restaurants in your local communities are also suffering.  Following the discussion with Deep Instinct, SINC will provide you with a voucher for a family meal at a local business impacted by the current restrictions. We hope this can be used to support a favorite family restaurant or valued “date night spot” of your choice allowing us all to pull together to support our personal communities. 

Deep Instinct is the first and only company to apply end-to-end deep learning to cybersecurity. Deep learning is inspired by the brain’s ability to learn. Once a brain learns to identify an object, its identification becomes second nature. Similarly, as Deep Instinct’s artificial deep neural network brain learns to prevent any type of cyber threat, its prediction capabilities become instinctive. 

As a result, any kind of malware, known and new, first-seen malware, zero-days, ransomware and APT attacks from any kind are predicted and prevented in zero-time with unmatched accuracy and speed anywhere in the enterprise – Network, EPP, Mobile – enabling a multi layered protection. 

The goal of the conversation is to explore and discuss:

  • Machine Learning vs Deep Learning

  • How Deep Learning works

  • The Deep Learning Checklist  

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How is Deep Instinct using deep learning technology to pre-empt attacks? In the video below, they interview Deep Instinct’s CEO Guy Caspi and our HP Partners to unravel the seemingly impossible.