Miami Executive Dinner: Powering Business Transformation with AI

June 24th, 2019 •  5 star location

SINC invites you to the upcoming Miami IT Leaders Dinner on June 24th, 2019 at a five star location. 

The goal of the dinner will be to foster great relationships among new peers in the Miami technology community, all while enjoying education, open discussion on progressing strategy and delicious food and wine.

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The session leader will engage the audience for brief introductions and discuss the format and key take aways from the guided interactive conversation and dinner discussion.

Open Forum Discussion

Unlocking Content with AI to Power Business Transformation

Most CIOs today understand that digital transformation initiatives can help streamline business process, boost efficiency, increase competitiveness, and, broadly, help them become disruptive organizations over the long term. However, many pacesetting companies are struggling to manage the exponential explosion of 80% unstructured data, as well as the heightened compliance and security demands associated with starting their AI journey.

Fortunately, new solutions that tap artificial intelligence (AI) are able to extract ‘hidden’ insights from unstructured data that is unique to your business, while also helping to automate many of the labor intensive processes used to classify, organize, and analyze unstructured content.

Until recently, simply locating unstructured data has been a source of great frustration for managers and employees alike. Taking the next steps to analyze or leverage this unstructured data into gain competitive advantage has proven even more challenging.

Now, a combination of sophisticated Cloud Content Management services and cutting-edge AI technologies from Box and IBM is unlocking the untapped potential of unstructured data enhancing your operations, predicting outcomes and automating decisions. IBM and Box are reimagining business processes; AI infused customer onboarding processes, improved employee productivity, contract lifecycle management and digital claims processing are just examples of how AI can enhance your business and drive differentiation.  The resulting benefits are already beginning to complement and supercharge the many digital transformation efforts already underway.

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