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Enabling Value Based Care

Delivering on the promise of value-based care is driving change in the Health Care ecosystem today. To digitally transform, a plan should be strategic. There are different approaches depending on your organization’s priorities. To achieve expected business outcomes for successful digital transformation efforts, a plan must be more than a technology selection. Its more than just re-platforming legacy models and their existing enterprise architectures. Many health delivery organizations (HDO) of all sizes are examining the cost and complexities of their enterprise architectures (EA) and assessing how their respective technologies best partner and support the strategic initiatives. The current pandemic has underscored the importance to reconfigure for a hybrid cloud future. 

Join Boomi, the leading enterprise infrastructure as a service (iPaaS) platform, as we discuss the innovative cloud initiatives and strategies geared for delivering on the promise of value based care. 

Key takeaways: 

  • How persona driven architecture can reduce operational burden 
  • How to approach the API driven healthcare landscape 
  • How to extend and modernize existing legacy service architectures 
  • How iPaaS can enable agility within an organization 
  • How to address increasing complexity in a rapidly changing market

About Boomi

Instantly Connect Everyone to Everything.

As digital transformation becomes table stakes for survival, data – refined into fuel – is rapidly becoming an organization’s most valuable asset. Your data is the ultimate source of differentiation, a tangible asset, a revenue enabler, and driver of new services that power your business. But data is only as valuable as how it is used to build better integrated experiences.

Boomi makes it easier than anyone else to unlock data’s value and transform it into information, strengthening and differentiating your business. With iPaaS as the foundation, Boomi transforms your data by connecting, modernizing, transforming, and innovating your organization through a new interconnected fabric.

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