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Today’s financial criminals have evolved beyond the outdated tools built to catch them. Using topological data analysis, Symphony AyasdiAI combines powerful artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities to build a complete map of criminal behaviors–providing unparalleled predictive insights into the specific behaviors putting financial firms at risk. The full visibility Ayasdi provides enables firms to pinpoint risk and achieve operational efficiencies while protecting regulatory standing and brand reputation. Ayasdi rises above the noise to provide a holistic view of criminal behavior, drastically reducing financial crime vulnerabilities and eliminating time spent chasing meaningless alerts.

Talking points:

  • Transforming financial crime team productivity by driving out pointless investigations
  • How to drive out risk, optimize liquidity and increase profit
  • How to benefit by accelerating detection time for suspicious activity
  • Identifying effective approaches that can be employed to identify undetected crime within your organization 

About Ayasdi

Symphony AyasdiAI, a Symphony AI portfolio company, empowers banks and financial institutions with a complete picture of criminal behavior through unparalleled predictive insights. Using a powerful combination of artificial intelligence and machine learning, users can definitively pinpoint risk, drastically reduce the time to identify genuine anomalies and achieve operational efficiencies. The Sensa platform, leveraging topological data analysis, provides organizations complete fidelity in discovering crime, avoiding risks, and transforming efficiency.

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