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Closing the Gap Between Endpoint and Identity Protection

There has been tremendous attention given to recent large-scale attacks and why they have been so challenging to avoid, detect, and remediate. When attackers evade the first line of network defense, having secondary controls to fill in the gaps is crucial in detecting adversaries who can break free to infiltrate the network. This conversation will focus on the Achilles heel of businesses related to closing the gap between endpoint and identity protection.

Join to learn how security teams can:

  • Anticipate methods an attacker will use to break out from an infected endpoint and ambush their every move. 
  •  Quickly uncover credential and Active Directory (AD) access weaknesses before attackers can leverage them to exploit AD or advance their attack. 
  • Detect an adversary who looks and acts like a member of the organization and is moving in operation blind spots. 
  • Bolster endpoint threat detection with early alerting and derailment of privilege escalation activities (credential theft, traversing mapped shares, and AD attacks). 
  • Gather actionable threat intelligence and simplify remediation.

We will also discuss how innovations in Active Directory vulnerability assessment and live attack detection are doing what security information and event management (SIEM) and log management have never been able to do.

About Attivo Networks Inc.

Attivo Networks® provides an innovative defense for protection against identity compromise, privilege escalation, and lateral movement attacks. The company’s solutions deliver unprecedented visibility, prevention, and derailment for security exposures, attack paths, and attack escalation activities across endpoints, Active Directory, and cloud environments.

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