East IT & Security Leaders vForum On-Demand Sessions

This virtual event took place from October 26 - 28, 2020

Leadership Within the Generational & Geographical Divide

Presented by: Nate Arnold, CIO, GE Gas Power

While finding talent today may not be as challenging, attracting and retaining them can be.  We all too often focus on the upcoming generation titles and traits, trying to define what they want and how we can provide it.  Finding the intersection of what your company can genuinely offer as an experience with what they want is the value proposition that defines acceptance or rejection.  Chances are your people leaders today are of a different generation class, which may mean “flexible” is perceived more like “lazy.”  How you connect these generations is the key to leading in the divide.

How to Obtain the Security Budget you Require

Presented by: John Keenan, Director of Information Security, Memorial Hospital of Gulfport


Securing the New Normal World

Presented by: Justin Henkel, Director – Cyber Threat Intelligence, CME Group

Mobile devices are a critical tool for productivity in today’s mobile-first, cloud-driven world, but how are we protecting the data being accessed outside of the perimeter? With mobile proliferating across the enterprise, a new approach to security is required to address the newly emerging challenges and risks