East IT & Security Leaders Forum Agenda

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Attack. Detect. Respond. Know where you stand to prevent the next attack.

Our technology is vulnerable but the solution is not more technology. Security is all about the people, process, and technology. In this session we will discuss how understanding and emulating attacks in your organization can help improve, and hopefully prevent, the next attack as you train and improve your people, process, and technology.

Speaker: Jorge Orchilles, Instructor & Author, The SANS Institute


SANS institute

Microsoft Active Directory (AD) is the primary source of information for all enterprise resources and seamlessly integrates business applications, which is the reason it is a high-value target for adversaries.

Attivo Networks ADAssessor and ADSecure solutions provide security teams with the ability to prevent attackers from leveraging AD. These solutions protect without interfering with production AD operations, requiring logs, or complex permissions management.

Join us and learn how to:
· Detect and prevent real-time attacks against AD.
· Gain unprecedented visibility to exposures that lead to lateral movement, dangerous and easily exploitable delegation and bulk changes to AD.
· Reduce your attack surface by identifying and eliminating excess and unneeded identity privileges.
· Understand how to hide your critical accounts from unintended eyes, delivering misinformation to attackers to slow their progress.

Speaker: Matthew Parker, VP, Attivo Networks

Presented by: Attivo Networks

Attivo Networks

Are you ready to spark your talent artery?  As a leader, agility and grit will remain your DNA.  But beyond that, let’s explore key views to amplify your impact for your teams, your organizations, and your communities. With a growing talent crisis, a pandemic slowing and return to office plans accelerating, organizations are expected to face more complex talent challenges. In a hybrid workplace, individuals gain more flexibility on choosing who to work for or where to work from. You will face hiring ‘enough’ or ‘the right talent’, and the approach must continue to evolve while speeding down a runway. Hear insights toward preparing for and mitigating People Risk in ways that blend innovation, tenacity, and sustainability for cyber and technology talent acquisition… without the “silly” money. 

Moderated by Walter G. Ferrer, Managing Director and Founder, Zenlity

Speaker: Reiner Moquete, Founder & CEO, CyberWarrior Academy

Self-Learning AI: Redefining Enterprise Security

In this new era of cyber-threat, characterized by both slow and stealthy attacks and rapid, automated campaigns, static and siloed security tools are failing – and the challenge has gone beyond one that is human-scalable. Organizations need to urgently rethink their strategy to ensure their systems, critical data and people are protected, wherever they are. Today’s Autonomous, Self-Learning defenses are capable of identifying and neutralizing security incidents in seconds, not hours – before the damage is done.

In this session, you’ll learn how self-learning AI:

• Detects, investigates and responds to threats – even while you are OOTO
• Protects your entire workforce and digital environment – wherever they are, whatever the data
• Defends against zero-days and other advanced attacks – without disrupting the organization

Speaker: Kathryn Eckhart, Cyber Security Director, Darktrace

Presented by Darktrace


While there are varying definitions of what zero trust actually is, there is one thing everyone can agree on – segmentation is a key pillar.  Another thing everyone can agree on?  Segmentation is hard.  This presentation will highlight a way to begin your zero trust journey leveraging enforcement boundaries which will enable you to protect your digital crown jewels as you work through your end to end zero trust plan.

Speaker: Christer Swartz, Principal Technical Marketing Engineer Illumio

Presented by: Illumio


Choose One Topic Per Session

  1. Managing Up: Board/Directors relationship management 
  2. Ransomware & Securing Your Environment
  3. Cyber Gaps: Every organization is now a technology organization
  4. Business Strategy and the changing role of the CIO
  5. What is your strategy behind the technology or product – why this solution over that one?

Not all AI is Created Equal – Understand the Differences of AI/ML/DL

Machine learning is a big step forward in combatting cyberattacks, but is still no match for the exponential increase in threat vectors and ransomware we are seeing today. Detection and response-based solutions are no longer sufficient as damage can already be done while waiting for the execution of an attack. Security teams are at the center of the storm, in a war of attrition against nation states, ransomware gangs, and other well-funded bad actors. Executives and security leaders need to start adopting a preventative approach to cybersecurity, which is only made possible through deep learning.

Deep learning is proven to be the most effective cybersecurity technology, resulting in unmatched prevention rates with proven lowest false positive rates. This session will cover:

  • Introduction to Deep Learning – Differences between AI/ML/DL
  • Applying deep learning as a preventative approach to cybersecurity
  • Advantages of using deep learning to autonomously block any threat in milliseconds

Speaker: Chuck Everette, Director of Cybersecurity Advocacy, Deep Instinct

Presented by: Deep Instinct

Navigating Enterprise Security in a Post-Compromise Reality

Every organization gets compromised – it’s how fast you detect and respond to an incident that counts. This is especially important when you look at trends like the overnight move to remote work, the rise in encrypted traffic and acceleration of cloud adoption, as well as the proliferation of enterprise IoT that have expanded the attack surface and complicated the job of security professionals. We’ll explore those trends and the opportunity that lay ahead for security teams post-compromise to prevent an event that results in an outage or an incident from becoming a full-scale data breach.

Speaker: Mike Ernst, VP of Worldwide Sales Engineering Worldwide, Extrahop

Presented by: ExtraHop 


Are we heading into a post-COVID digital transformation 2.0? The first-gen of digital transformation was driven by investing in customer experiences, becoming data-driven, and migrating to cloud architectures while the organization learned agile, DevOps, and data science capabilities. Digital transformation’s next-gen will be driven by digitally enabled products, hybrid working, proactive data governance, integrated employee experiences, and AI-inside security and operations. Hear from Isaac Sacolick, author of the bestselling Driving Digital and President of StarCIO, on five technologies that are key to digitally transforming the organization.

Speaker: Isaac Sacolick, Bestselling Author, Top Social CIO / CDO, Digital Transformation Influencer

Driving Digital by Isaac Sacolick

Increased Efficiency & Effectiveness Across Your Security Organization with Virtual Mobility Service (VMS)

Why spend time, money and resources protecting hundreds to thousands of devices as a means of protecting your data? Instead – secure the data, not the device. Hypori is a highly secure Streaming Operating System that allows users to access and interact with their most sensitive corporate applications and data without any data ever residing on the device. Hypori make truly secure BYOD a reality with zero data footprint and 100% data separation. 

Speaker: Jim Cushman, Chief Product Officer and President Commercial Markets, Hypori

Presented by Hypori


Moving Beyond the Hype of Ransomware.  Data Protection without the Hype.

Ransomware is one of the most dangerous threats to organizations, but the nature and scope of ransomware attacks are often misunderstood, leading to inadequate precautions and flawed responses to successful attacks. We’ll discuss what you can do to break through the noise and fill the gaps in your security architecture during this session.

Chris Hoff, Security & Data Protection Marketing Manager
Brad Farabaugh, Senior Systems Engineer

Presented by: Veeam


While finding talent today may not be as challenging, attracting and retaining them can be.  We all too often focus on the upcoming generation titles and traits, trying to define what they want and how we can provide it.  Finding the intersection of what your company can genuinely offer as an experience with what they want is the value proposition that defines acceptance or rejection.  Chances are your people leaders today are of a different generation class, which may mean “flexible” is perceived more like “lazy.”  How you connect these generations is the key to leading in the divide.

Speaker: Nathaniel Arnold, VP & CIO Operations and Software Engineering, GE Gas Power

GE Gas Power

Digital transformation: In the past we’ve talked about innovation and what that needs to look like. But how do we continue to bring transformation into our operations on a daily basis, and how do we implement that into our innovation cycles? How do we continue to drive the business forward? 

The new model wherein organizations must be remote, distributed, and yet still connected will swiftly bring to light how quickly we can continue to productize and digitize our services, and to bring outcomes and solutions to the market. But we often don’t have a clear definition or a full understanding of exactly what the transformation as a service model is. In other words, what does a dynamic transformation as-a-service type of model look like across any industry? 

This will be the focus of my remarks and serve as a starting point for dialogue in this full audience session. We’ll get some dynamic discussion going in the room, as every industry and every vertical within it can offer unique insights and contributions. We don’t know where we will be in the next 12 months, 18 months—guesstimating and gauging is a hallmark feature of this new COVID era—making shared peer experience and industry communication even more essential. 

Some questions we’ll consider: 

  • Cloud made possible the moonshot approach by virtue of the emergency issues we faced with last year, but cloud is just the beginning–where do we go from here? 
  • With the AWSs and the Azures and the GCPs, we’re out of the data centers, we’re fully cloud enabled. How do we leverage these cloud native environments to continue to provide the scalability and elasticity that we need to drive innovation? 
  • How do we bring the transformation-as-a-service model to our products, services, platforms, and solutions?

Speaker: Dr. Arlene Espinal, Independent Corporate Advisor (previously VP Artificial Intelligence, Analytics & Automation, ManTech)

Fuel-up and prepare for a day packed full of content and conversations.

Define what IT leadership means to you: what makes for strong, inspirational leadership? Knowing how you feel about this will help you create a strong, branded, and genuine leadership style. In this session, Ken Viciana will lead us through exploring crucial elements for developing your brand identity as an IT leader, including how to:   

– Identify your strengths: What do you want to be known for? What are you good at?   

– Analyze your potential derailers: Derailers can be weaknesses, but they can also be strengths that are taken to extremes (e.g., perfectionists who are unwilling to delegate).   

– Examine your value to an organization: Determine the values that others perceive about you and your business today. Then, determine what your values need to be in the future.   

– Contribute to your community: Identify your interests and help share that message with your wider audience, using social media, events and community.

Speaker: Kenneth Viciana, Director, Information Risk Management

Digital Transformation through Secure Intelligent Automation empowering a Hybrid workforce

Speaker: Andy Burns, Solutions Engineer and Technical Evangelist, Blue Prism

Presented by: Blue Prism

Putting an End to the Storm of Cyberthreats

Increased volumes of cyberthreats, too many siloed security systems, and not enough experts to manage it all create the perfect storm for enterprises – a storm that bad actors are exploiting.

Microsoft and Open Systems put an end to that storm. By combining Microsoft Azure and E5 with Open Systems integration, consulting, and 24×7 managed cybersecurity services, CISOs, and their organizations are achieving their IT goals faster than before. Not only are businesses more efficient – they’re benefiting from one of the highest security postures available.

Speaker: Sam McHugh, Senior Executive, Open Systems

Presented by: Open Systems

Ethics, Authenticity & Integrity

Rashmi is excited to share her life-changing story to illustrate the multitude of factors that influence our choices. Rashmi will set forth the business discipline necessary for decision-making and uncover the mental process of problem-solving that leads to organizational cultures with integrity. Following her powerful keynote we will engage in some workshop exercises.

Come ready to be energized while Rashmi harnesses the power of being vulnerable and uniquely creates the safe space to have courageous conversations!

Key takeaways:
– Learn the principles of ethical leadership
– Create a corporate culture of integrity and courage
– Plan for reputational risk and implement accountability and authenticity
– Create an active commitment to ethical decision-making
– Create the safe space for vulnerable conversations at home and work

Speaker: Rashmi Airan, Speaker, Coach, Consultant

Choose One Topic Per Session

  1. Managing Up: Board/Directors relationship management 
  2. Ransomware & Securing Your Environment
  3. Cyber Gaps: Every organization is now a technology organization
  4. Business Strategy and the changing role of the CIO
  5. What is your strategy behind the technology or product – why this solution over that one?