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A brief introduction to the forum and overview of what to expect over the coming days followed by the Keynote Presentation. While finding talent today may not be as challenging, attracting and retaining them can be.  We all too often focus on the upcoming generation titles and traits, trying to define what they want and how we can provide it. Finding the intersection of what your company can genuinely offer as an experience with what they want is the value proposition that defines acceptance or rejection. Chances are your people leaders today are of a different generation class, which may mean “flexible” is perceived more like “lazy.” How you connect these generations is the key to leading in the divide.

Speaker: Nate Arnold, CIO, GE Gas Power

When it comes to technology adoption, the goal of managing change in the workplace is twofold: create as little disruption as possible, and get your employees to embrace said change. With the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, it has become extremely challenging for companies to achieve this with other major events occurring simultaneously in the workplace. 

However, as businesses adapt to operating during a pandemic, managers still have an opportunity to guide their teams through the technology adoption process effectively by leveraging several change management best practices.

In this presentation, Fuze’s Ron Calixto & Colleen White will discuss: 

  • The effect of COVID-19 as a forcing factor for organizational change management. 
  • Tactical best practices for effectively leading teams through the technology adoption process, ensuring both technical readiness and organizational preparedness work in tandem. 
  • Key takeaways from their experiences leading teams that implement technology for major enterprises. 


Speakers: Ron Calixto (SVP of Services, Fuze) & Colleen White (Director of Product, Fuze)

  • Hands-on implementation advice and anecdotes from Fuze’s Enterprise Service Delivery Leads
  • Discuss common challenges when introducing new technology to an organization 
  • Address questions with open Q&A


  • James Seaton, Director of Service Delivery (North America) 
  • Sarah McCarthy, Project Manager, Major Clients 

Make sure you sign up early! This intimate roundtable session will be capped at 50 participants.

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Leaders driving transformation programs today are investing in customer experience, automation, agile practices, DevOps, and analytics to ensure competitiveness as industries transform. These are the table stakes for IT leaders, and they must drive smarter, faster, and innovative transformation programs to drive growth and profitability. Success will require IT leaders to empower their organizations with self-service technologies, succeed with change management programs, and enable differentiating capabilities with a combination of artificial intelligence and IoT. How are IT leaders must steer their transformation programs to succeed in digital’s second wave?

It’s no surprise that cloud computing has grown in popularity as much as it has, as its allure and promise offer newfound flexibility for enterprises, everything from saving time and money to improving agility and scalability. On the other hand, on-premise applications are reliable, secure, and allow enterprises to maintain a level of control that the cloud often cannot. But there’s agreement among IT decision-makers that in addition to their on-premise and legacy systems, they’ll need to leverage new cloud and SaaS applications to achieve their business goals.

It’s clear that while 5G presents a wealth of opportunity for innovation but, it will not be without its challenges. During this session, we will explore the endless opportunities 5G can provide while covering the key steps to ensure you make the most out of this revolutionary change in the industry.

Speaker: Praveen Nidumolu, Senior Technology Leader, Digital Transformation Verizon

Speaker: John Keenan, Director of Information Security, Memorial Hospital at Gulfport  

As the importance of a robust security infrastructure continues to grow, many organizations are struggling, stuck in a notion that security hinders innovation. However, many would argue this is not the case and an effective cybersecurity platform can in fact accelerate innovation.

In this session, we will discuss how to utilize cybersecurity technologies and strategies to provide a bedrock of innovation across products and processes.


Kenneth Viciana, Director of Information Risk Management, Fiserve

Mike Novak, VP of IT Security, Seminole Hard Rock Support Services 

Mobile devices are a critical tool for productivity in today’s mobile-first, cloud-driven world, but how are we protecting the data being accessed outside of the perimeter? With mobile proliferating across the enterprise, a new approach to security is required to address the newly emerging challenges and risks.

Speaker: Justin Henkel, Director – Cyber Intelligence, CME Group

Join your peers for the Virtual Escape Room Experience! Work in teams to stop the evil villain, Dr. Psionic, who has placed mind control devices in specified locations as plans to use them as part of his evil plan to take over the world!

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