Digital Research Council

SINC is delighted to launch the Digital Research Council, an initiative in collaboration with The Institute for Digital Transformation. This community is being created to aid organizations of all sizes and industries across North America as they embark on their Digital Transformation journey.

The Institute for Digital Transformation has created a Survey Instrument for you to rate traditional and digital measures of organizational success. From this instrument, an algorithm will be developed to eventually present participants with a Digital Organization Viability (DOV) score in later phases of research.

Benefits of Membership


You will be introduced to emerging trends and technologies and have the opportunity to explore them both individually and with your peers. Many executives find this sort of periodic step outside of their everyday worlds to be a great help in keeping an open mind and an eye on the future.


Members of the Research Council will receive benchmark reports throughout the year, providing you with all the agnostic insights and information required to aid your digital transformation strategies.


Membership is free. You receive all of this valuable material at zero cost to you.

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Receive a link to complete
Phase 1 of the research.

What’s involved?

Members of this exciting new initiative will be provided the exclusive opportunity to participate in research that is relevant to them and within their time limitations — there is no minimum time or participation commitment.

The research begins with a simple survey. Members of the Research Council may also be asked to participate in group discussions, individual interviews, or, in some cases, site visits. But in each case, your participation at each stage will be voluntary and at your discretion.

Research Calendar

Research will be conducted in 4 phases:

Phase 1:

Survey – Rating of traditional and digital measures of success based on scoring by the sample size.

Phase 2:

Develop algorithm for a Digital Organization Viability (DOV) indicator based on the ratings in Phase 1.

Phase 3:

Collect data on companies/organizations and establish “DOV” score.

Phase 4:

Collect data on Digital Practices and Digital Readiness.

About the Institute for Digital Transformation

The Institute for Digital Transformation (“The Institute”) exists at the intersection of a think tank, an analyst/research firm and a consulting company. Through our network of

we explore the impacts on companies and their leaders as we transition from the Industrial to the Digital Era. Based on actual experiences and industry research, we produce a wide range of insightful and thought-provoking tools and content including: automated/analytical assessments, white papers / eBooks, interactive development programs, and live events. All of which prepares leaders for the Digital Era and guides them in transforming their companies into Digital Enterprises. Our Digital Enterprise Readiness Assessment is the first tool to objectively measure the readiness of an organization to endure the stress of a transformation.