Detailed Post Summit ROI Reporting

With the average marketing executive managing a minimum of 25 programs in a year it is difficult to keep track of where leads were generated, what sort of follow-up has taken place and whether a presentation was well received by the target audience. SINC recognizes that marketing executives cannot be everywhere at once so we want to paint a truly detailed picture of the results achieved from each SINC program. Following each summit a 1-2 page break down of your ROI will be provided including such key details as the results from pre event marketing, onsite session and private meeting feedback from prospects, names and titles of the executives attending your sessions for easy follow-up and post summit contact details of all attendees.

Supported with a post summit reconnect service that helps you as the client connect with any difficult to reach executives that had been promising prospects SINC provides an ongoing service that acts as a support mechanism to marketing and sales executives that have the opportunity to participate in its programs. SINC staff and management realize that your success at our programs directly impacts our success as a company.

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