Data & Analytics Leaders Content Week Agenda

Data and IT leaders know that their organizations heavily rely on spreadsheets to process data manually, perform repetitive analysis, and produce standard reports. Many organizations invested in self-service BI tools to empower citizen data scientists and enable the data-driven organization. But how should leaders avoid going from spreadsheet sprawl to a mess of dashboards, and how should leaders mature data governance practices? Here from StarCIO President Isaac Sacolick, a former CIO/COD and author of the bestseller Driving Digital, share best practices that enable a sustainable citizen data science and data governance program.

Isaac Sacolick, CEO, StarCIO

While users explore new and exciting cloud-friendly SQL databases, the maturity of the solution that you select is important to success. With so many databases on the market at various development stages, IT must consider the completeness of the database system when evaluating how well the solution meets the needs of the organization.

In this session, we’ll explore a framework you can use to evaluate databases. Whether you are planning to move all your analytical workload to a single public cloud vendor, multiple cloud vendors, on-premises using cloud technologies like object store, or plan to have a combination of on-premises and cloud, the analytical engine you choose can have a significant impact on costs and productivity.

Steven Starfield, Sr. Product Lead, Vertica

Data-driven organizations have changed the game by having a clear plan to achieve the next level through analytics. Every company is either a disruptor or responding to a disruption. It takes a strong CDO and a well-thought-out plan to achieve new success. In this roundtable discussion, we’ll talk about your corporate vision for data, some of the challenges you’re facing, and best practices you’d like to share.

Make sure you sign up early! This intimate roundtable session will be capped at 50 participants.

Steve Sarsfield, Sr. Product Lead, Vertica
Jeremiah Morrow, Industry Product Lead, Vertica

Technology is not a strategy, but some strategies are only possible with the right technology in place, backed by an operating model tuned to make the most of its capabilities. More data than ever is available to CIOs and CDOs–but architecture and practices fit for handling “less data, more slowly” aren’t enough to compete and win. We will dive into how today’s leaders have shown the  path toward starting, scaling, and sustaining shared mastery of the new “fast data” powering winning apps to drive growth:

  • Why you want the modern open source data stack
  • How to break the organizational barriers to data velocity
  • Why “fast, smart, and big” are the future of data for the apps that matter most
 Bryan Kirschner, VP Strategy, Datastax

IIA has established itself as the world leader when it comes to defining high performance in data and analytics.  CEO Jack Phillips will share insights on how the high performers define maturity, and share benchmarking data that will help you gauge where your industry and organization stand compared to others.

Jack Phillips, CEO & Founder, International Institute for Analytics