As the rise in machine-speed cyberattacks increases the need for machine-speed defenses, this report assesses awareness and readiness levels within the evolving threat landscape. Survey responses came from 300 IT and security practitioners across North America and EMEA (32% C-level, 33% Director-level, 31% President/VP/Head).

The consistency in results suggests a growing understanding of the unique threat posed by automated attacks as well as the benefits of autonomous defense. Results also indicated:

  • Levels of concern over the unpredictability of AI-driven attacks
  • Degree of unpreparedness for AI attacks as compared to other attack methods (spear-phishing, ransomware, zero-day malware, insider threats)
  • Redundancy of siloed solutions and static defenses reliant upon human input
  • 66% of respondents stated they did not have the time or resources to counter current threats


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