Customizable Engagement Opportunities

True customization is rare. To really see an experience that meets the needs of a client and that can remain flexible enough to accommodate even the latest of changes you need a partner that is nimble and attentive enough to react immediately and take advantage of every opportunity to deliver stronger ROI for you as the client. SINC has endeavored to grow steadily and in a way that ensure that even as we add more programs and services to the portfolio the hands on approach to delivering value and experience to every client remains the same.

By taking the first step in providing a “Pre-Summit Marketing Strategy Analysis” SINC can revise with the client additional ways to engage with the top prospects onsite. Areas like priority seating at lunches and dinners with top end user executives, private golf outings with select executives, private Chefs Table dinners with desired executives, pre summit identification of session participants and many others can create huge additional value and a truly targeted experience for the client and the onsite participants.

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