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On-Demand Sessions

This virtual event took place from June 14 - 15, 2021

Evolve Beyond Traditional ERP Vendor Security Patching to Proactively Reducing Exposure

Presented by: Anne Plese, Sr. Director Product Marketing, Rimini Street

Cybersecurity is a priority for businesses in every sector, but budget constraints and the shortage of talent make it challenging for organizations to maintain a consistent and proactive security posture. Vendor security patching, which requires regression testing and system downtime, is both labor and time-intensive, sometimes forcing companies to delay patching. This can leave them exposed or behind schedule in implementing their own best practices or software security guidelines.

Getting Offensive: Continuous security validation’s critical role in protecting against APT (Advanced Persistent Threats) and FIN (Financially Motivated) attackers

Presented by: Dave Klein, Director, Cyber Evangelist, Cymulate

As ransomware continues to spiral out of control and other threats abound, there is a need for a better way to optimize our security controls, incident response plans, and people to prevent them.

Attend this session to learn: 

  • What enterprise changes and attackers’ best practices renders traditional methods ineffective. 
  • What are the elements of successful Breach Attack Simulation and Purple/Automated Red Teaming and how they help enterprises in optimizing their security controls, incident response plans, and their employee’s skill sets? 
  • Real-world enterprise case-studies.

Closing the Gap Between Endpoint and Identity Protection

Presented by: Tony Cole, CTO, Attivo

There has been tremendous attention given to recent large-scale attacks and why they have been so challenging to avoid, detect, and remediate. When attackers evade the first line of network defense, having secondary controls to fill in the gaps is crucial in detecting adversaries who can break free to infiltrate the network. This session will focus on the Achilles heel of businesses related to closing the gap between endpoint and identity protection.

How Moving to the Cloud has Changed Security Strategy Forever

Presented by: Nathan Wenzler, Technical Security Director, Tenable

Organizations have been moving to the cloud for several years now, but in the last year, our world has forced nearly everyone to leverage the scalability and speed of cloud platforms to support a remote workforce. With so many critical business functions running from these providers, it’s imperative to protect our data, systems and assets. But traditional strategies struggle to keep up with the scope and scale of the modern cloud environment, which is forcing a change in how we approach our security assessments and mitigation techniques.