Report on the Future of Cyber Security

Darktrace Releases Report on the Future of Cyber Security

Commissioned by Darktrace and produced by SINC and the Analyst Syndicate, this report explores how IT security executives are approaching autonomous defense systems in the face of increasingly automated attacks

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SINC Stands with Black Lives Matter

We condemn all forms of racism, bigotry and inequality. It has no place in the world and our support goes to all of those who have been affected. Please join us in supporting this important movement.

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SINC in the Community: SINC Employee Provides Life Coaching

I conquered a life-long dream and became a certified life coach in March 2020. Ever since I was a teenager, I was obsessed with self-help. Since my early 20s I have always been fervent to give my peers insights into their own personal struggles. Life coaching is a continual practice in which you manage your […]

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Now available: Women in Technology Industry Report

Women in Technology; your initial reaction is likely “Not another article about how unfair women are treated, how salary disparity is vast and climbing the corporate ladder is difficult”. We are going to; (of course) touch on all those items but what about women supporting women? Or technologists female and male championing technology in elementary schools? […]

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SINC in the Community: Homeless Community Initiative

By: Preon Evans, SINC Team Member   I’ve always had a passion for charitable acts, mainly because I was a recipient of those same acts growing up. My mom was a young single mother after my father was killed and wouldn’t have gotten us to where we are today without receiving assistance from others. Section […]

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