Data Privacy Case Study:
Large US Retailer

This case study is based on the work performed at a Large US Retailer over the last twenty-four months in response to legislative changes in California (CCPA). The story highlights the author’s viewpoints, key decisions made, and the resulting outcomes. The real benefits of these series of articles are the insightful lessons learned.

Release date: June 2020

Based on a case study of work performed at a large American retailer, this article helps the reader through the confusion of the first 90 days of a privacy program. It will describe how a privacy assessment is performed, risk is identified, and describes the appropriate first steps required to safeguard privacy data.

Release date: July 2020

This article provides a primer on `Privacy by Design’.  The steps taken at a large American retailer provides a guide to arm the reader with simple actions to be taken, and insights into the analysis and planning, to best determine how to execute on your own customized privacy program.

Release date: August 2020

This article describes what it takes to sustain Privacy by Design; it will describe six applicable requirements to be embraced to effectively remain compliant with existing privacy laws, and a large American retailer operationalized the continuous safeguarding of privacy data.

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