Canada IT & Security Leaders Forum Agenda

A brief introduction to the forum and overview of what to expect over the coming days followed by the Keynote Presentation.

Today, leaders driving transformation programs are investing in customer experience, automation, agile practices, devops, and analytics to ensure competitiveness as industries transform. These are the table stakes for IT leaders, and they must drive smarter, faster, and innovative transformation programs to drive growth and profitability. Success will require IT leaders to empower their organizations with self-service technologies, succeed with change management programs, and enable differentiating capabilities with a combination of artificial intelligence and IoT. Here from Isaac Sacolick, author of Driving Digital, contributing editor at CIO and InfoWorld, and President of StarCIO on how IT leaders must steer their transformation programs to succeed in digital’s post-COVID wave.

Speaker: Isaac Sacolick, CEO, StarCIO

Make sure you sign up early! This intimate roundtable session will be capped at 50 participants.

  • How to build a team without traditional resources
  • How to build a case for transformation when funds are low  
  • How to rise above the day to day to design and deliver meaningful change

Speaker: Helen Knight, Principal & CIO, Helen Knight Consulting

Migrating to the cloud moves applications outside the company’s network perimeter and creates a new security paradigm. You need to rebuild your security perimeter in the cloud. According to McKinsey, “More than two-thirds of companies will take the time and invest enough to adopt native network flows using native tooling and configurations with mature full-stack DevSecOps orchestration. Integration with security-service SaaS providers and targeted compliance tooling will be used to protect the dynamic perimeter.” Want to know how?  Join visionary thought-leader, Dan Scarfe, Chief Solutions Officer at New Signature, Cognizant’s Microsoft Business Group for an engaging discussion.

Speaker: Dan Scarfe, Chief Solutions Officer,  New Signature, Cognizant’s Microsoft Business Group

IT and Security leaders today must strive for a platform-native approach to deliver a secure, environment at scale that can operate at velocity tomorrow.  Overcome security, resilience, and compliance concerns by leveraging the full capabilities that are built into your cloud platform of choice. Engage in a rigorous discussion with visionary thought-leaders from New Signature, Cognizant’s Microsoft Business Group about the best approach to modernize your business and build security seamlessly into the cloud.


  • Dan Scarfe, Chief Solutions Officer, New Signature, Cognizant’s Microsoft Business Group
  • Daryl Novak, Director of IT, New Signature, Cognizant’s Microsoft Business Group
  • Esteban Garcia, SVP Azure & DevOps, New Signature, Cognizant’s Microsoft Business Group
  • Matt Alofs, Intelligent Cloud Practice Lead, North America, New Signature, Cognizant’s Microsoft Business Group

A strong Cloud strategy can offer benefits including scalability, increased security, and cost savings – but what are the hidden considerations? If cloud(s) are on your horizon, this interactive session will give you the opportunity to test assumptions & uncover what may be lurking behind the veil.

Speaker: Jennifer Pearson, Sr. Manager, Enterprise Business Systems, MDA

Join a team with your peers to take on the SINC IT & Security Leader Quiz & Networking Hour with some amazing prizes up for grabs!

Google Cloud is committed to embracing and enhancing the hybrid and multi-cloud world and has built a comprehensive portfolio of tools to support that vision. Two key foundational pillars of this toolset are Google Cloud Anthos and Google Cloud VMWare Engine.  These tools facilitate seamless migration, integration and portability of on-premise workloads to the Cloud whether they be virtual machines or container-based. In this presentation, we’ll provide high-level overviews of these tools as well as other supporting tools and features of Google Cloud that facilitate hybrid cloud configurations such as Migrate for Compute Engine, Transfer service for on-premise data, external replicas for CloudSQL, and very high bandwidth (100 gbps) interconnect links. These features combined with Google’s commitment to open source, open technology, and avoiding vendor lock-in make Google Cloud an excellent choice for building your hybrid cloud environment.

Speaker: Takito Cabrera, Solutions Architect, SADA

It’s no surprise that cloud computing has grown in popularity as much as it has, as its allure and promise offer newfound flexibility for enterprises, everything from saving time and money to improving agility and scalability. On the other hand, on-premise applications are reliable, secure, and allow enterprises to maintain a level of control that the cloud often cannot. But there’s agreement among IT decision-makers that in addition to their on-premise and legacy 

Make sure you sign up early! This intimate roundtable session will be capped at 50 participants.


Philippe Johnston, National President, CIO Association of Canada

Join your peers for the Virtual Escape Room Experience! Work in teams to stop the evil villain, Dr. Psionic, who has placed mind control devices in specified locations as plans to use them as part of his evil plan to take over the world!

Details on how to join will be sent out to registered attendees!

The role of the CIO has been on a steady rise for the past several years. As companies continue to evolved and the way people work continues to change, the demands from today’s global, mobile, and distributed workforce are also rapidly evolving.  We’re at a point in time where the CIO, who’s role was once limited to ensuring that IT systems were working smoothly, is now front and center to defining the digital culture of an organization with a mega-trend at play that I like to call, ‘Systems of Experience.’  This presentation will focus on the role of the CIO amidst this shifting tide and what it takes to create a digital culture to support the future of work. 

Speaker: Trevor Schulze, Chief Information Officer, RingCentral   

Remote work has quickly gone from a trend to a necessity, and the speed of this shift has placed both companies and employees in a challenging position. Join your peers for a candid discussion.

Moderators: Kevin Krempulec, VP Sales, Canada, RingCentral and Trent Taylor, Account Executive, Canada, RingCentral

We are faced today with complex and unique challenges that undermine our capacity to think as we struggle to excel and grow in our workplace.  The world of IT brings great advancements along with new issues.  Trouble tends to travel in teams and hits us when we least expect.  In this talk, we will explore a key mindset and discuss a new perspective to see things from multiple dimensions.

Claude Sam-Foh, Former CISO, Financial Services Commission of Ontario

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