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Evolution of the Digital Era

In a world overtaken by customer demand, businesses enable technology in ways that answer their unique needs, service-oriented-IT of yesteryear no longer works. In turn, the business needs IT to deliver or, for the sake of the customer (and the livelihood of the company), the business will find another way around the IT pitfalls. We are living in a new time; the digital era is here. Looking back to the early ‘90s when technology ...
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6 Steps to Move Enterprise Applications to the Public Cloud

Lance Weaver describes how he moved GE’s Enterprise Applications to the Public Cloud How do you take a Fortune 10 company and move the majority of their applications to the public cloud? On the most recent episode of the Transform IT Show, I spoke with Lance Weaver, former CTO of cloud architecture at GE; he shared with me exactly how they’re approaching this seemingly futile task. And as we discussed his career and approaches, I found six easy ...
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Components of Monetization

All the components of monetization come from #PRISM – do you agree with this strategy? ...
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