BFSI IT & Security Leaders vForum Agenda

Arbitrary mandates, “cloud-first” policies, and objectives to move “x” percent into cloud “must-do” pushes from your IT department can often lead to excessive cost and inefficiencies—especially right now. For CFOs and CEOs, building an optimal technology strategy requires understanding the real business objectives along with a massive commitment from your entire organization. To do it right, you need financial analysis tools that not only provide a framework for developing an efficient, secure, and successful technology strategy but also help achieve consensus and budget for implementation.

Steve Kaplan, Vice President of Customer Success Finance, Nutanix

Modernizing IT starts with deploying an efficient, agile hybrid cloud architecture – but this is easier said than done. Legacy status quo bias alongside a frequently imprecise public cloud strategy lead to lengthy and costly migration journeys.

Just as Nutanix revolutionized legacy storage with hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI), so is it now revolutionizing hybrid cloud. Nutanix makes it possible to determine which applications should be in public, and which in private cloud – and then to quickly migrate appropriate workloads without requiring application refactoring or re-platforming. And Nutanix reduces the cost of both the public cloud and on-premises environments in the process.

Nutanix invites you to join a roundtable with BFSI IT leaders. This is a great opportunity to learn what type of challenges and opportunities your peers have encountered in their IT modernization journeys.

Join a team with your peers to take on the SINC IT & Security Leader Quiz & Networking Hour with some amazing prizes up for grabs!

Priorities for 2021 are set, and goals around Client Experience and Workplace of the Future are taking center stage. Financial firms must work securely with clients and connect across departments while adhering to compliance, controls, and essential worker requirements. It’s time to make the right moves to future-proof your organization.

Join executives from Theta Lake and RingCentral as they share valuable insight, strategies, and real-world experience as we prepare for 2021 and beyond.

Anthony Cresci, VP of Business Development & Operations, ThetaLake

Dipen Mehta VP of Operations, C2P Enterprises

Melissa Rother, Industry Principal, Financial Services, RingCentral

2020 has changed the way companies do business forever. As financial organizations set their goals for 2021, they must adjust to succeed in the “next normal.” Secure, flexible, and innovative solutions will be required to deliver the kind of service your clients can count on. 

During this intimate exchange with your peers we will discuss key priorities such as:

  • Enabling the workplace of the future
  • Maximizing the client experience
  • Ensuring employee productivity


What’s more important; scaling agile or driving agile culture change? What’s critical to your business; delivering frequently or driving innovation,  changing the culture, developing excellence centers, or becoming a learning organization? How about excelling at all of the above?  Today’s agile organization requires new ways to develop leaders and establish collaboration practices between business, technology, and data teams. Organizations need to choose where standards are useful and when self-organizing practices deliver benefits. Most importantly, agile organizations need to agree on operating principles, transform the culture incrementally and plan as well as deliver. Hear from Amazon bestselling author Isaac Sacolick and acknowledged industry digital transformation leader about how continuously planning agile roadmaps can address culture transformation, mature collaborative practices, and drive innovation.

Isaac Sacolick, CEO, StarCIO

The cybersecurity skills shortage is still very real and impacting businesses of all sizes.  Cybersecurity expertise is in high demand, and required for extensive security testing and planning, but a large amount of the work of cybersecurity remains repetitive and automatable. Let’s look at how – through the use of automated tools – others in the organization can learn to think like attackers while they contribute to the overall cybersecurity effort of the organization.

Mike Denapoli, Senior Security Architect, Cymulate

In the debate over an all-in-one cybersecurity platform versus best of breed solutions, the overwhelming majority lean towards best of breed in order to leverage the most impactful technology. However, does true best of breed exist? This session will look to explore this debate and how to implement a best of breed strategy when tech doesn’t necessarily integrate with other tech.