BFSI IT & Security Leaders Content Week Agenda

Priorities for 2021 are in full swing, and goals around Client Experience and Workplace of the Future are taking center stage. Financial firms must work securely with clients and connect across departments, while adhering to compliance, controls, and essential worker requirements. It’s time to make the right moves to future-proof your organization.

Digital transformation in most enterprises is about improving customer and employee experiences, becoming data-driven organizations, creating differentiating capabilities with emerging technologies, and enabling operational efficiencies with automation. The goal is to evolve products, services, operations, and experiences to compete in a digitally-enabled ecosystem where there is potential disruption from startups, market entrants, health, financial, regulatory, and other factors.

In the midst of rapid market shifts, the temptation exists to chase technological “shiny objects.” In a race to adopt the latest digital innovations, we can’t lose sight of the importance of comprehensive solutions and unified architecture. Join this interactive roundtable to discuss the key objectives for CIOs and CISOs looking to filter out the noise surrounding innovation and stay on track with solid IT and digital strategies.

Make sure you sign up early! This intimate roundtable session will be capped at 50 participants.

It is difficult for IT to focus on driving innovation when 70% of your budget and time is spent Keeping The Lights On. In this session, you’ll learn how you can transform your IT infrastructure with a cloud smart strategy – placing the right workloads on the right cloud whether on-premises private, public, or multi-cloud. We’ll also discuss how to use a financial analysis framework both to evaluate alternative solutions as well as how to build a compelling business case to achieve the funding to deploy the technologies that make sense.

While most multi-clouds don’t leverage a private cloud, some do. But multi-clouds always use more than one public cloud. IT leaders need to understand just what they’re dealing with and how to successfully operate these systems. Here’s a no-nonsense look at how to manage multi-cloud and/or hybrid cloud, along with discussion about best practices and tools.

Make sure you sign up early! This intimate roundtable session will be capped at 50 participants.

As cyber-attacks increase in complexity, frequency, and velocity, in our experience, many enterprise organizations are reliant on outdated IT governance. The organizational paradigm is limited by slow-moving bureaucracy and scarce resources. This situation is often the result of a limited understanding of the risks on the part of decision-makers, like board executives who rely on outdated corporate governance frameworks that were developed in response to accounting scandals – e.g., WorldCom, Enron, Tyco, etc. – not cyber risks.

Enterprise executives continue to propagate a compliance check-box mindset that values minimal security control investment to meet audit standards. The focus on audit/compliance misses the costs that may extend beyond regulatory penalties into financial losses that are not always small enough to recover from without significant repercussions.

In this session, we draw from consulting experience, candid conversations with security leaders, and empirical research to define the current issues plaguing enterprise cyber governance, while offering specific remedies for organizational leaders striving for an effective governance model that moves beyond audit compliance to iterative and measurable risk reduction.

Modernizing IT starts with deploying an efficient, agile hybrid cloud architecture – but this is easier said than done. Legacy status quo bias alongside a frequently imprecise public cloud strategy lead to lengthy and costly migration journeys.

This roundtable provides a great opportunity to learn what type of challenges and opportunities your peers have encountered in their IT modernization journeys.

Since March 2020 organizations around the globe have raced to maintain business continuity, frequently turning to public cloud providers and cloud-based applications. With users now going direct to these resources, organizations have inadvertently found themselves with a zero trust environment. Using real world examples, we’ll discuss the what and how of securing this new environment.

Make sure you sign up early! This intimate roundtable session will be capped at 50 participants.

Digital transformation can deliver a sustainable competitive edge for organizations across the banking, financial services and insurance industries.  CIOs are often left to address: “How are we going to pay for this?” with ongoing operations and enhancements consuming 80%-90% of a typical IT budget. Hear how technology leaders from financial sectors are evolving strategies to reallocate capital & resources to drive digital growth – all while improving security controls and meeting audit standards. Join us to learn how leading companies in your industry are rethinking IT cost components and budget tradeoffs – and ultimately reducing operational drag.  Learn how they’ve evolved to improve IT service delivery, while freeing up critical funds to enable digital innovation initiatives, such as moving to hybrid cloud or multi-cloud environments, enhancing online and offline customer experiences, implementing AI and ML capabilities, etc.

Anne Plese, Sr. Director Product Marketing, Rimini Street