Industry Reports

The early weeks of March 2020 turned into a scramble for most US businesses. Scores of employees have been set up to work from, which inevitably creates a rethink of IT projects and brings an array of security concerns to CIOs and CISOs alike.

We surveyed executives across the country to learn about their organization’s experience in transitioning to work from home and their outlook for the future. Our findings offer insight into what other firms are doing, what they experienced, and what they are planning for now. The data will surprise you, give you assurance, and ideas on taking the best next steps.

This case study is based on the work performed at a Large US Retailer over the last twenty-four months in response to legislative changes in California (CCPA). The story highlights the author’s viewpoints, key decisions made, and the resulting outcomes. The real benefits of these series of articles are the insightful lessons learned.

This study measures the state of Cybersecurity today in the United States. Approximately 100 respondents from the Legal, Retail, Education, Energy, Finance, High-Tech, Healthcare, and Entertainment industries as well as Government were included in the research. We contacted companies with 1,000+ employees with over $25 Million in annual sales. The title levels of respondents included: CISO, CIO, Cybersecurity Director, Security Risk Officer/Manager, Director of Security and VP of Security. Within this report you will discover:
  • Main concerns over ability to fight cybercrime
  • Top attacks of concern
  • Priorities for security expansion
  • Key areas of investment
  • Focus for future spend
  • Highest priorities for the next 12 months

We are proud to partner with Dell Boomi on the upcoming Women in Technology: Leadership, Opportunities & Obstacles Industry Report. 

This paper is based on primary research that assesses the priorities, benefits, and hurdles organizations experience when transforming their organization with data-driven tools, products, and practices. The research was conducted with leaders that directly oversee data operational practices in large enterprises.

Technology leaders are very focused on staying ahead of the competition and increasing profitability. They are prioritizing investments that drive efficiencies and taking modest steps on innovation projects. 

Learn more about the many new drivers for IT investments in our latest report.