Pittsburgh IT Leaders Dinner

SINC is pleased to extend a formal invitation to the upcoming Information Technology Leaders Dinner in Pittsburgh, PA on May 17th, 2017 at Eleven Contemporary Kitchen located at 1150 Smallman Street, Pittsburgh, PA 15222.

The goal of the Dinner will be to foster great relationships among new peers in the Pittsburgh IT community, all while enjoying education, open discussion on progressing IT strategy and delicious food and wine.  The sections will be short, to the point, and moderated by an industry analyst.

Pittsburgh IT Leaders Dinner Agenda – May 17th, 2017

Arrival (Refreshments available)

5:00pm – 5:30pm
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Discussion Begins

Introduction (10 minutes)
Moderating Analyst will engage the audience and discuss the format and proposed key take aways from the executive panel and open forum discussion.

Moderated Guided Discussion (35 minutes)

Topic – From Big Data To Better Decisions

Data is on everybody’s mind—from executives pushing their teams to take advantage of all the data the business collects, to consumers worrying about sharing too much of their personal lives.

This session will cut through the buzzwords and the technical jargon to give you an overview of business intelligence—the tools, processes and skills that help us harness the data explosion to make better and faster decisions. A state-of-the-art BI environment ensures the shortest and most reliable path from data to decisions that make your business more successful.

Join your peers and visionaries from the IT industry for this executive guided interactive conversation to discuss the ingredients to effectively deal with the flood of data and a variety of other topics, including, but not limited to:

Hiring and growing people with the right skill sets

The evolution of the Data Scientist role

Capitalizing on the data brought on by IoT

The security issues of marrying BI and mobility

Continuing to innovate with flat IT budgets

Moderated Open Forum Discussion (45 minutes)

The discussion will be based on the list of challenges, problems discussed already and will take the format of group brainstorming and open discussion to come up with possible suggestions and solutions to common challenges at the Executive IT level.

As a participant in this exclusive dinner you will receive a formal event report that provides discipline-specific technical and methodological expertise from relevant subject area experts and your peers.

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Confirmed Executive Attendees From The Following Companies:

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At Eleven, Chef Eli Wahl and his team craft their ever-changing menu from the most vibrant seasonal products. Eleven’s offerings can be experienced a la carte, through nightly tasting dinners or more casually at the bar with the Tavern menu. Every dish at Eleven lets the ingredients take center stage, echoing the kitchen’s position in the heart of the building.  To learn more about the restaurant, please click the link below:


As a member of the Pittsburgh IT community we hope you will join us for this exciting Dinner.  Click the link below to confirm your attendance:

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